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How to Landscape your Brewster Home Balcony to Sell

Michael Leighton

Bring the garden to your Brewster home balcony to set your home apart from the other properties on the market....

4 Ways to Invest Your Tax Refund in Your Brewster Real Estate

Michael Leighton

If you're one of the lucky ones this tax season, and you're expecting a tax refund it might be a good idea to ...

How to Get Rid of Tobacco Stench in Your New Home

Michael Leighton

Selling a home that reeks of tobacco smoke is quite the accomplishment and that you purchased it makes you one...

2 reasons NOT to sell your home “as-is” and what to do if you must

Michael Leighton

  We can think of several reasons why a homeowner would consider selling a home with problems, marketed i...

Your House is Not Selling? Try This Now!

Michael Leighton

Your house has been on the market for a while now and your house is not selling. If you have found yourself in...

How to Appeal to Buyers of Every Generation

Michael Leighton

Many empty nesters and millennials have joined the real estate search, creating new opportunities for sellers ...

5 First Time Home Seller Tips

Michael Leighton

Being a first time home seller can be stressful, but with the right support and guidance it is manageable. Mak...

The Future of Sharing Your Home?

Michael Leighton

Property developers, home builders, and mortgage lenders are working hard to adapt to the growing trend of sha...

Green Features: Can They Help Sell A Home?

Michael Leighton

Equipping your home with a geothermal system and solar panels may appear to be a major plus point when it...


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