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Cape Cod Runs and Walks 2019

Michael Leighton

Whether you like to run or walking is more your speed, there are plenty of Cape Cod runs and walks...

Cape Cod Easter Events 2019

Michael Leighton

It’s time to gather your family and grab your Easter baskets because there are plenty of Cape Cod Easter...

Cape Cod Thrift Stores and Consignment Shops

Michael Leighton

If you enjoy the thrill of the deal or are looking to lighten your closet, you should check out one...

Cape Cod Museums

Michael Leighton

Cape Cod is full of rich history and that is reflected in our amazing Cape Cod museums. There is a...

Free Cape Cod Kids Winter Activities

Michael Leighton

Got a case of the February’s? Running out of things to do to keep the kids entertained without breaking ...

Cape Cod Valentine’s Day Ideas

Michael Leighton

Valentine’s Day is only a couple of weeks away, so the time is now to start planning your Cape Cod...

Top 6 Cape Cod Kids Winter Activities

Michael Leighton

It is winter time on Cape Cod which means instead of spending our time on the beach or enjoying all...

Where Did Your Favorite Cape Cod Town Get Its Name?

Michael Leighton

Cape Cod has a rich history, as it was one of the first settlements in North America by the British....

Cape Cod Gyms and Fitness Centers

Michael Leighton

Does your New Year resolution include getting into shape and living a healthier 2019? If you are like most of....


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