Brewster Whitecaps Schedule 2017

Michael Leighton
Michael Leighton
Published on July 5, 2017

We were proud to sponsor the Brewster Whitecaps game on July 1st this year. In case you missed it, here is your opportunity to catch more of the fun and take in a Brewster Whitecaps game! Below is the Brewster Whitecaps Schedule 2017. Root on the home team and enjoy America’s favorite past time this season!

Home games in bold.

6/14  @Orleans Firebirds 7:00 PM
6/15  @ Hyannis Harbor Hawks 6:00 PM
6/16 @Bourne Braves 6:00 PM
6/17  Chatham Anglers 5:00 PM
6/18  @ Cotuit Kettleers 2:00 PM
6/20  @Yarmouth-Dennis RS 5:00 PM
6/21 Falmouth Commodores 5:00 PM
6/22  Wareham Gatemen 5:00 PM
6/23 Cotuit Kettleers 5:00 PM
6/24  @ Chatham Anglers. 7:00 PM
6/25  Bourne Braves 2:00 PM
6/26  @Bourne Braves 6:00 PM
6/27 @Falmouth Commodores 6:00 PM
6/28 Chatham Anglers 5:00 PM
6/29 Chatham Anglers 5:00 PM
6/30 Hyannis Harbor Hawks 5:00 PM
7/1  Yarmouth-Dennis  5:00 PM
7/2 @Orleans Firebirds 5:30 PM
7/3 Orleans Firebirds 5:00 PM
7/4 @Harwich Mariners 5:30 PM
7/5 Harwich Mariners 5:00 PM
7/7 @Wareham Gatemen 6:30 PM
7/8 @Harwich Mariners 5:30 PM
7/9 Falmouth Commodores 5:00 PM
7/10 @Yarmouth-Dennis RHS 5:00 PM
7/12  @Chatham Anglers 7:00 PM
7/13 @Falmouth Commodores 6:00 PM
7/14  Yarmouth-Dennis 5:00 PM
7/15 @Orleans Firebirds 7:00 PM
7/16 Harwich Mariners 5:00 PM
7/18 @Chatham Anglers 7:00 PM
7/19 Wareham Gatemen 5:00 PM
7/20 Orleans Firebirds 5:00 PM
7/21 Hyannis Harbor Hawks 5:00 PM
7/22 All Star Games @Wareham 6:00 PM
7/23 @Hyannis Harbor Hawks 6:00 PM
7/24  Players Workout @ Fenway Park
7/25 Cotuit Kettleers 5:00 PM
7/26 Chatham Anglers 5:00 PM
7/27  @Wareham Gatemen 6:30 PM
7/28 @Bourne Braves 6:00 PM
7/29 Yarmouth-Dennis 5:00 PM
 7/30 @Yarmouth-Dennis 5:00PM
8/1 Orleans Firebirds 4:00 PM
8/2  @Harwich Mariners 6:30 PM
8/3  Harwich Mariners 4:00 PM

The Brewster Whitecaps are ready for the 2017 season, which kicked off on Wednesday, June 14th with their first game in Orleans against the Orleans Firebirds! Take a look at the Brewster Whitecaps website to find out more about who has made the team this year and more info about the Brewster Whitecaps Schedule 2017. Jamie Shevchik is back as the team’s head coach this year, making this his third year with the Brewster Whitecaps. Jamie is no stranger to college baseball leagues. He was the head coach for Danbury in the New England Collegiate Baseball League for 8 years before joining the Brewster Whitecaps.

The Brewster Whitecaps have been a part of the Cape Cod Baseball League since 1988. With an all-star team and award winning coach, the Brewster Whitecaps have what it takes to sweep the series this season and claim their League Championship! For a complete game schedule and stats, check on the Brewster Whitecaps web page. For your daily updates on how the team is performing this season, follow the Brewster Whitecaps Facebook page.

Brewster Whitecaps Schedule 2017
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