How to Landscape your Brewster Home Balcony to Sell

Michael Leighton
Michael Leighton
Published on June 13, 2017

The spring and summer real estate markets are a hot time to sell your Brewster home. Home buyers are out and about looking at properties and touring open houses. Attractive landscaping can be very appealing to buyers and during this time of year it is in full bloom.

There is plenty that you can do to bring the garden to your Brewster home and attract buyers. All that it takes to make your own personal garden getaway is a little inspiration and a pinch of creativity to give the surrounding properties a case of garden envy! Landscaping your balcony can set your home apart from the competition. Make your property pop by checking out these Brewster home balcony landscaping ideas.

Brewster home balcony landscaping ideas

Amount of Light

The first step in planning your Brewster home balcony garden is figuring out how much light you get. Does your balcony get direct sunlight all day, part of the day or is your balcony located in the shade? Spend an especially sunny day watching the amount of light your balcony gets before you start planning your garden plants. Once you know the amount of light you get, you can start making an informed decision on what types of plants you can incorporate in your design. The reason you need to pay attention to the amount of light your balcony gets during the day is because all plants are different. Some plants require shade, and others require half sun and shade, while others need direct sunlight all day.

If you want your Brewster home balcony to thrive and look its best for potential buyers, you need to choose plants compatible with your balcony’s lighting conditions. If you put a plant that needs full shade on your balcony and it is in direct sunlight all day long, the plant will dry up and die. A balcony full of wilting or dead plants will not attract buyers! Speak to a nursery professional about your balcony’s light to find out what plants will work for your garden. The Farm in Orleans is a family owned an operated nursery that has been helping Cape Codders figure out what would work for their homes for years. The professionals at the Farm located on Rock Harbor Road would be happy to assist you in finding the right plants for your Brewster home balcony.

Light on your Brewster home balcony

Fruits and Veggie Plants

Flowers are not the only way that could add color to your Brewster home balcony garden. Having a balcony can make you yearn for the ability to have a garden of your own. Vertical gardens and bag gardening has gained in popularity the last couple of years, allowing just about anyone to have a garden of their own regardless of the amount of space they have available. It is possible to grow your own food on your balcony and enjoy watching the fruit of your labor grow right in front of your eyes. This ready made garden could be very appealing to potential buyers.

There are miniature varieties of trees and bushes that are designed for growing in a pot, requiring less space than their typical sized counterparts. This means you can have your very own blueberry bush or lemon tree on your Brewster home balcony. If you do not have a Pintrest account, this would be the time to join. Pintrest has a variety of vertical gardening ideas that appeal to a variety of space options and personal taste. Strawberries can easily be grown in a hanging planter. Tomato plants and cucumbers can be grown in planters, giving you quite the variety of fruits and vegetables to choose from in your balcony garden. The garden that you build will inspire buyers and show them how versatile a balcony can be, possibly bringing in some interest and maybe even buyers for your home.

Fruits and Veggie Plants for you Brewster home

Privacy is Key

Living in a densely developed neighborhood can often make you feel as though your privacy is lacking. You can sometimes feel as though you are living in a fish bowl or birdcage. However, you have the ability to create your own privacy on your balcony by landscaping it properly. Creating a garden on your Brewster home balcony can make you feel a little more sheltered from the other properties and people walking around your home. This privacy feature can also be very appealing for home buyers, instantly setting you apart from other real estate on the market.

Pick out some thick greens and hedges with height to create an organic fence on your Brewster home balcony. Creating this private garden space on your balcony is a great excuse to explore the Wellfleet Flea Market at the Wellfleet Drive-in and Cinema. Look for fun small tables to elevate plants to give your balcony a pop of color at every level so the greenery is not the only tall barrier to your neighbors. Creating privacy through a garden on your balcony gives you the quiet solitude you desire, and attractiveness that will be appealing to not only you but also your neighbors.

Privacy on the balcony of your brewster home

Landscaping Your Brewster Home Balcony to Sell

Make your Brewster home balcony help you to stand out among competing properties in your local real estate market. There are a variety of reasons to create a garden on your balcony, for privacy or add some color to your space, it can be a big draw for home buyers. For more tips on how to sell your Brewster real estate, consult Leighton Realty. Michael Leighton has been the #1 Agent in Brewster since 2007.

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